IP Address -Default Router Admin & Login Password Admin Login:

The IP address is a private IP address . This  IP address that is often used by wireless routers or ADSL modems.  A router is one of the most used networking devices, and every Router has its default IP address. It is either or or, etc. is the main default IP address for many routers, among them 3Com, Alcatel, Thompson, 2Wire, Westel, Billion ADSL, Linksys SRW 2023 and 2024, Motorola Netopia (Cayman) and other equipment. For D-Link, TP-Link, Netgear, Sitecom, Tenda and a few other router brands is the default internal IP address set by the manufacturer. In general, the router of a network will always use the address and then assign the remaining blocks to other computers.  It represents the last real IP address in a range of is a broadcast address and thus it cannot be used by any device. or 192.168.l.254 for all modem maker firms stack a product program, so that, they could help the clients if there should arise an occurrence of any web association issue or set up changes, effectively from a separation. The ip code is a location with which a client can access to the administration board of his/her modem to adjust it as per his/her choices. Clients additionally get assistance from the firm by telephone on the off chance that they need, amid the procedure. is one of the the most well-known IP tends to a switch would get at plant. Hardware by Linksys, Asus, 3Com, Dell, SpeedTouch, Zyxel, Teletronics, Telnet, and numerous ISP-provided switches get as the production line set IP address, and you’ll have to utilize this IP at any rate once — for your first login to the switch’s administrator support. To help you with that, we arranged a reference rundown of default switch IP addresses, logins and passwords by maker and model

How to login in 5 easy steps:

  1. Enter into address bar of your IE browser.
  2. If you’re getting an error. Look up your router’s IP address in the following article.
  3. You should see a page with router details, which will ask your username and password.
  4. If you forgot your username and password you can follow these instructions to recover them.
  5. Enter the correct username and password.

Connecting to your router:

So as to interface with your switch have a go at going to In the event that this doesn’t work, your IP switch has an alternate location which you can turn upward by visiting Router IP address query control page. If there is a page like search results or any other mistake, that might mean your router has no connection to address or computer doesn`t see the router.

What is the benefit of with is an IP address typically utilized by Linksys broadband switches and now and again likewise by different brands of system switches or home system entryway hardware.  is an IP address, familiar to every router-user, who is setting up LAN-network or monitoring connection of the device.

Regardless of what brand of switch, its default interior IP address is recorded in the producer’s portrayal report. Heads can change this IP address whenever amid or after the switch establishment. A similar location can likewise be utilized on business PC systems

What to do if you forgot your router’s username and password?

Much the same as, after you signing in the switch, you can change the secret phrase in setting board, you can change the IP address in LAN setting, change the remote secret phrase in remote setting. When you set the secret word, you have to set the secret word progressively complex for security purposes. I read an article about this and offer it with you.

Router Username and Password List:

Router Brand

Login IP



admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Airlive admin admin
Airties admin admin
Apple admin admin
Amped Wireless admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Dell admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Edimax admin admin
admin admin
Gigabyte admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Microsoft admin admin
admin admin
MSI admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
Senao admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
SMC Networks
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
U.S. Robotics
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin
admin admin IP Address Review: IP Address is one of the best  Internet connection with different devices, in no time. IP Address interface is straightforward and clean and provides you with a more secured connection than its competitors. You can have a lot more options for Internet connections  for your router IP Address.If you face any problem while setting up your router then feel free to comment below.

These mistypes are all WRONG:


192.168 l.254

192.168 l 254


192.168 1.254

192.168 1 254

192.168 254


http 192.168 l 254

192.168.1. 254/loginwww.192.168.l.254

http //

https //

The CORRECT way to write the IP Address:

The only correct ways to write the IP address in your browser’s address bar are:

Searches related to username password: